Sunday, September 17, 2006

9/15 Heading south. I 95 Florida

Norman is practicing to get the “Welcome to Florida” sign as we approach the border. We’ve only managed to photograph 1/2 of those “welcome” signs so far. It’s tricky.

Later on, I left the lights on in the car while we ate dinner and the battery was dead so we were delayed in resuming our journey. It may have been a stroke of good luck for us that we weren’t in the accident that caused this huge traffic jam we sat in soon after getting back on the interstate.


Anonymous said...

Brenda and Norman, what a wild sonic and scenic adventure you've had since I last saw and heard the ringing in NYC ....a great eventful day...thanks for bringing the bell project to the 6th and B Garden...and have a safe sonic journey....Mary B

Anonymous said...

Brenda & Norman, We were some of the people who stopped and ended up giving yaall a push to start your little white car in Sonny's Barbeque parking lot when you left your lights on.. Good luck and God Bless Ya.. Thanks for the post cards ya gave my daughter so we could find out what the bell was about..