Monday, August 21, 2006

The Bell Project will begin in Brooklyn, Michigan in early September when I go there to pick up the bell at Brosamer's Bells. I will then drive to New York city and leave from there on September 8th and will finish at the Exploratorium in San Francisco on the weekend of October 6th. For one month, I will tow a large bell behind my little car through the southern United States and will make daily stops along the way. I will ring the bell from coast to coast and invite anyone who hears the bell to come and ring it.

By the end of August, I will have an interactive map on this site so anyone who is interested in following the progress of the bell will be able to click along the route and see and hear what happened in that location. There will be contact information so that anyone who would like to suggest a place to stop and visit can let me know. I will honor as many requests as possible.

Bell ringers and visitors to the daily stops are encouraged to take photos, make recordings, tell friends, etc. about the bell and are invited to post their documentation and comments on this site.

I will update this posting as I gether more specific information about the route, the bell, the planned stops, etc.

If you come to ring the bell, you may select one of these postcards as a souvenir.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Here is the bell..It was cast it Ohio, It was last used on a blueberry farm in NH. They used it for years to scare the birds away. I will attach this bell to an open trailer and pull it behind my Honda.
This is Robert Brosamer telling me about the bell.