Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day31. Lordsburg, NM

On the way to Tucson we stopped at a truck stop outside of Lordsburg, and as we were leaving, a man pulled up next to the car and asked us, “What is the Bell Project”. I told him we had already driven over 6000 miles and were finishing up in San Francisco and that we were inviting people along the way to ring the bell. He was really happy and jumped out of his car. Because we were traveling on the Interstate, the Bell was tied up and the clapper was in the back of the car. I asked him if he would like to just strike it with the clapper or did he want to swing the wheel. He was more than satisfied to hit it with the clapper, declined the hearing protection, wound that clapper up like he was waiting for a fastball and swung with all his might. Then he did it again. He then told us a good joke about San Francisco where the punch line is “I left my harp in Sam Clams’ disco”.

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