Monday, October 02, 2006

Day28. Marfa and points west, Texas
By Jessica

In the morning we headed to the Chianti Foundation in Marfa, built on a former army base, where Donald Judd set up his museum and100 mill aluminum boxes on the grounds. Brenda rang the bell in the parking lot, tolling against the sound of wind and the highway.

On our way out of Marfa, we stopped at a gas station to use the phone, where two guys jumped out of a pick up truck and asked to ring the bell, as their dog Diva, a domesticated dingo, responded with both fear and fascination.

We headed on through the desert, past Valentine, Texas, with its deserted roadside buildings. The landscape slowly changed from brown elevated desert to a rockier pink, the speed limit going up to 80, with the constant image of the border patrols on the highway.


Jackson said...


Diva dingo rinehart dog,
Masters rang the bell...
Bell-y full of noise.


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