Thursday, October 05, 2006

Day30.New Mexico. Morning.

Las Cruces. First thing today we went to a coffee place Krys read about in one of the hotel publications she found in our room. It was a great place, called Milagros- the best coffee yet. As we were leaving Krys decided to pass out postcards and informed the other patrons that we would be available for ringing if anyone was interested. We had two takers from the coffee shop and another person passing by stopped to watch and reminisce about the bells she had known and rung as a child.

As we were leaving, the woman serving the coffee hollered out the little drive by window and said she would like to ring it. So we drove the bell as close as we could to the window, but when she still couldn’t reach it, she asked the boss if she could come out and ring it. She was very excited and the boss took a break from roasting the coffee (which smelled really incredible) to hang out the window. She rang the bell, he offered us some coffee for the road, and we set out for a quiet place to record the bell.

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