Wednesday, September 06, 2006

9/4 Noon. Ben Tuck Stables.
This morning we were on a horse farm in Lebanon, PA. It was the Ben Tuck Stables, It’s what’s left of Norman’s father’s and mother’s farm. Everybody there wanted me to unhitch the bell from the car and put it in front of the flag so they could take pictures- so I did. There were horses in the background. The reporter from the Lebanon Daily News came with her 7-year-old nephew- I gave him some earplugs and he rang the hell out of the bell.

At the moment Norman is driving and we are heading to Allentown, PA where the colonists (insurgent, terrorists of their day) hid the Liberty Bell from the British. There is a shrine there with a replica of liberty bell that you can ring. It’s in the Old Zion Reformed Church. The plan is to get there just as the place closes so people can ring my bell, too. A few miles ago, we bumped across some railroad tracks, and I looked out the rear view mirror and saw the bell and trailer in the air. They bounced down on one side and then tipped to the other side before stabilizing. Pret-ty scary. So the bell had shifted too much to one side and was a scrape away from falling off the stand completely. We bungied the stand together so it wouldn’t pull apart and hope for the best for now.

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Jeanne Marie said...

Brenda, I'm so glad you have earplugs now!
Happy to hear that the bell survived its first airborne experience.
Have you named the bell yet? It seems like it should have a name!