Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day 25.Huntsville.

This was the last town where Liz and I stayed. It is infamous for executions. Jessica has been here before and will write this blog entry.
By Jessica-
Huntsville. This city looms large in Texas history. The former home of the great Texas hero Sam Houston, both his grave and the museum celebrating his life are here. The 66 foot tall statue of Houston is the world's largest of a noted American, and the city is noted as a center for learning, housing one of the state's university. It is also the city that houses the execution chamber for Texas inmates. Just before their executions, the prisoners are brought to "The Walls". There are other jails in Huntsville, and because of this, a large part of the city's economy is based on the prison system.

You can't help but feel a solemness and a spookiness while driving through the city, especially at night, when the lights of the prisons blaze brightly.

There are plenty of places to have a good night's sleep and a great hamburger and even to get a good price on an automobile. But you're always sensing the world of incarceration looming in the background...and it's unsettling.

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